Chihuahua Care 101

Chihuahuas are tiny compared to other dogs and don’t require nearly as much care and attention as other dog breeds, but many Chihuahua owners still love to pamper their pocket-sized friends.

Even though they don’t have too many requirements, you still have to take care of important things like a healthy diet, proper training, getting enough exercise and grooming so your dog stays clean and healthy.


One common problem amongst Chihuahuas is the over the top pampering that they get from their owners when it comes to food and treats. Chihuahua owners love to give their dogs’ snacks or special treats out of love. Since Chihuahuas are very small dogs a small treat will have a much bigger impact on their diet than it would on a bigger dog.

Giving too many treats to your Chihuahua can lead to obesity problems which can surface even more health problems down the line – including joint pain from the pressure of the extra weight. Take care of your Chihuahua by giving it the proper diet which is nutritious and filled with vital vitamins. You can still spoil your dog with some treats from time to time, but don’t go overboard.


Chihuahuas don’t require a large backyard, or any size yard for that matter, to get a good exercise. They can get plenty of exercise just running around the house and playing ball so they make perfect pets for owners who don’t like going out too often and tend to stay indoors more.

With these dogs, exercise isn’t really that big of a concern, but you still should encourage your puppy to run around and play from time to time. Playing games with your dog is a fun way to keep him moving!


Grooming a Chihuahua dog is very easy and you can even give your dog baths in your kitchen sink! Just be sure to use the right pet-safe products only. DO NOT use humans soaps and shampoos. Their fur and skin isn’t as resistant to the chemicals found in human shampoos as ours is.

Along with regular baths, make sure that you clip your dog’s nails, clean the ears and take care of their teeth. It’s important to take care of all these things if you want a happy and healthy Chihuahua puppy.

When it comes to shedding, It’s really hard to notice when these dogs are shedding. They still shed like all dogs, but it’s very minimal compared to other breeds. A rub down with a soft cloth or a soft bristle brush once a week will keep their fur looking good and free of any loose hairs.

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