Chihuahua Grooming

It’s important to keep your beloved Chihuahua dog clean and smelling fresh. Small dogs like these usually are not too hard to keep up with in the grooming department and you can easily do all of your grooming at home. You just need a little Know-How.


Chihuahuas in general don’t put up a fight when you try to give them a bath. If your Chihuahua is short haired, this step will be the easiest one among all the grooming steps for your pet.

Because these dogs are so small, you can easily wash them in your kitchen sink! Just be sure to use only pet-safe products. The chemicals in regular shampoos and soaps are too strong for our little friends.


If you own a Chihuahua with long hair, then you should brush your dog once every week to keep the hair tangle-free and avoid matting. It’s also a great way to get rid of any loose hairs which would have otherwise ended up on your clothes and furniture.

Brushing a short hair Chihuahua is a complete breeze. I personally recommend that you skip the brush and just get a nice piece of cloth to rub down your dog. It’s much easier that way and they love it!


I have yet to see a dog that enjoys getting their nails clipped. Sure, some will give in willingly and let you clip their nails without putting up too much of a fuss, but chances are your dog won’t like it much.

The key here is to keep your fur ball still to avoid any accidents. If you aren’t sure about it then ask someone with experience to show you how to do it on your own.


It is important to provide regular Chihuahua eye care to keep your dog’s eyes healthy. A small cotton ball moisturized with some kind of a saline solution is the best way to do it, simply wipe the dogs eyes with it. Pass on the q-tip.You don’t want to accidentally poke your pup in the eyes.


Using a piece of gauze or some other similar fabric wrapped around your finger and cleaning your dog’s teeth with it is pretty much the best way to keep its teeth clean. While you are cleaning their teeth, you can massage the gums as well, this will do good for your dog. I have to mention, just like nail clipping, your dog might not really enjoy this part of the grooming, and you will have to be very patient and gentle.

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