Chihuahuas 101

Chihuahuas are adorable dogs but they are certainly not for everyone and wouldn’t be ideal for every family, but they can be great pets for those that are looking for a loyal, fun and adorable dog.

Learn more about the wonderful Chihuahua breed and find out about their qualities which made them such a popular pet in the dog world community.

Chihuahua Temperament and Personality

Chihuahuas are very happy and playful dogs and love the extra attention they get from their owners. They usually aren’t very shy and tend to be very outgoing in social situations.

Although they tend to be socially friendly dogs, if they sense threat or dislike a stranger, they can get quite vocal despite their tiny size. Of course scaring off strangers doesn’t really work out for these little guys, but that wont stop them from trying!

However when it comes to their owner, there is no one they adore more on the whole planet. Chihuahua are very loyal to their owners and can quickly get jealous when they see someone else competing for their owners attention.


Chihuahuas don’t require a lot of exercise so they make perfect pets for those that live in apartments or don’t have a large yard. Chihuahuas can get plenty of exercise just from playing and running around the house from room to room. Rather than exercise, they would much rather sit on your lap and cuddle up with you to watch your favorite reruns.

Of course if you are a social person and love going places, your Chihuahua will gladly come along. Some owners even have special carry bags for their Chihuahuas so they can take them with them wherever they go. As long as they are close by their owners, they remain happy little dogs.


Compared to other dogs, Chihuahuas are very easy to take care of in the grooming department. A quick wash in the bathroom sink every month or so is plenty of bathing for these guys.

Remember, if you are going to groom your Chihuahua on your own then you will have to take care of their whole body. Simple baths are not enough. You will have to clean their ears, teeth and clip their nails as well.

They still shed just like any dog would, but because of their small bodies their shedding is not nearly as bad as some of the other dog breeds.


Chihuahuas are quite intelligent and can learn different tricks without a problem. Getting their attention should be pretty easy – treat or no treat- and once you have that, you are ready to teach your dog some tricks.

If you think your dog is too old to learn new tricks, you couldn’t be farther from the truth.Of course there is an advantage to training them while they are still young, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t train them new tricks when they are all grown up.

When it comes to behavior, Chihuahuas are very easy to keep under control. They don’t have the destructive capabilities of larger dog breeds, but if you aren’t careful and reward bad behavior, they can still get into a lot of trouble.

The best advice for training Chihuahuas is to always reward good behavior and correct any mistakes early on. You don’t want small bad actions to turn into hard to get rid of bad habits.


Chihuahuas are relatively healthy dogs and you shouldn’t face too many health problems as long as you provide your dog with the right care that it needs.

Only thing you should really watch out for is overfeeding and giving them too many treats. A lot of owners forget about the size of these dogs and don’t consider that a few extra treats will quickly fill up their dogs stomachs. So go sparingly with the treats!

Chihuahuas as Pets

Chihuahuas tend to bond to one person much easier than to a whole family. Also because they are quite fragile, they don’t do well with family’s that have too many young kids.

Chihuahuas are not too fond of cold weathers and prefer warmer climates. Their small bodies are not designed to withstand cold temperatures but they are quite good at keeping cool in hot climates.

If after reading this page you think Chihuahua’s personality is what you are looking for then you might want to considering getting one of your own!

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