Chihuahua Disobedience Problems

Chihuahuas are known as temperamental dogs, so Chihuahua disobedience is not an unexpected thing – especially if the dog is not trained properly from early age. Lack of good leadership and training will lead you to an angry, disobedient little dog that gets aggressive, chews on everything and overall doesn’t respect you or your house rules.

The easiest way to prevent this is to start training your Chihuahua puppy at a young age. While the dog is still young and doesn’t have any well established bad habits, you will have a much easier time training and shaping your Chihuahuas future behavior.

What to do With a Disobedient Chihuahua Dog

If however your dog is beyond that point and already shows signs of bad behavior, don’t stress over it too much. Contrary to popular belief, you actually can teach an old dog new trick. To correct any disobedience problems in your chihuahua, you must first establish your role as the “alpha-dog” of the pack.

Alpha dogs are leaders of the pack. They decide who does what and their responsibility is to keep everyone in check and teach any new ones how to behave if they want to stay within the pack. Your goal is to show your dog that you fit that role, or else your dog will try to fill it himself.

Now it doesn’t mean you should challenge your chihuahua to a wrestling match to show that you’re the boss. That is a very cruel and ineffective way to get your dog to respect you. Instead you should display the qualities that a pack leader would.

Once you do that, you will have no trouble training your Chihuahua to respect your house rules. Curing even the toughest obedience problems will be a breeze and you will own a happy, obedient and stress free Chihuahua dog.

Common Chihuahua Disobedience Problems

Owners that neglect proper training often experience very common disobedience problems with their Chihuahuas. They include things like:

Destructive Chewing – This includes chewing of furniture, shows, clothes and other personal belongings.

Aggressive and Dominant Behavior – Chihuahuas may not be as dangerous as larger dog breeds –  but having a dog that disobeys, never listens to you and is always barking and growling can be a real headache.

Peeing and Pooping Indoors – The smelliest and grossest problem of them all. Housebreaking your Chihuahua should be your first priority because no one wants to constantly clean up the stinky mess.

Begging and Whining – Having to listen to your dog crying and whining all time will get annoying quick. The worst part? Giving in and addressing the crying will only worsen the problem.


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