Question: Help! My Chihuahua Won’t Poop!

Dear Kelly,

Bruce, my recently rescued 6 year old Chihuahua, has been having trouble going number two. We were feeding him the same brand of kibble that he had at the shelter up until recently and are very careful about leaving food around, but he still doesn’t poop regularly.

We discussed this issues with our vet and she suggested a change to his diet. The first week has been good with no issues, but last night Bruce didn’t pass stool again. Didn’t see anything this morning either. I know it’s too soon to tell anything, but I’m still worried. Is there anything else I can do for Bruce? Am I overlooking something?

Katie D.


Hey Katie

I’m glad that you’ve already discussed this with a vet, and her advice was on point. You should see big improvement from a better diet, and I’m not talking only about constipation. Finding the right diet will lead to improvements in his health, happiness and energy.

Keep in mind though that it might take some time for you to see those changes. Also when you’re switching diets, it’s very common for dogs to get tummy issues. That’s why it’s always recommended to mix in some of the old food with the new to help them transition. It’s only been a week so don’t think the diet has field you just yet. However if Bruce continues having tummy issues, there are a few things you do.

The first thing is to make sure your Chihuahua has plenty of clean drinking water available to him throughout the whole day. Constipation is one of the many symptoms of dehydration. So clean drinking water is very important – especially during the hot summer days.

The second thing you can try is increase your dog’s daily activity. Movement increases heartrate and that means more healthy blood throughout the whole body – including the digestive system. Water and exercise are just two big ones, you can learn more about constipation here: Is My Chihuahua Constipated?

Also, you’ve said that you recently rescued your Chihuahua. It’s not that surprising to see constipation in a dog that recently moved to a new place. This is very common with young puppies during the first few weeks with their new family. All the stress from the new environment can make it more difficult to pass stool.

If you think that stress is playing a role, try to make him feel more welcome. Spend more time with him whenever you get the chance. You don’t even have to take much time out of your day. You can just include him in your daily activities. Watching TV or doing work on the computer? Let him sleep in your lap. Just being in the same room with him can help. Once he feels more at home, the stress should pass along with the tummy problems.

Hope some of this helps and I wish you and Bruce good luck!

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